At UNICEL Quality is not a fad, it is a way of life.

  • With the customer in focus UNICEL employs a process approach in managing all its business activities.
  • Continues improvement and bench marking with best in class ensures its continuing suitability in the ever changing business environment.
  • The UNICEL Quality Management System ensures that requirements for all critical activities are clearly identified, recognized, understood and agreed by all staff involved.

Our service Method

Unicel Corporation have acquired ISO 9001:2008 Quality management certificate, indicating its continued commitment to provide world class services for our valued customers.

Serving the specialized needs of Telecom industry gives us valuable experience and expertise.

As an innovative Telecom & Infrastructure service and products company, we are committed to developing efficiencies that save time and money.


Comprehensive Quality Services

You will see faster results and less waste from our Telecom & Infra technology Teams and state of the art equipment used for providing the services.

The bottom line for you:

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Ability to use specialized techniques
  • Better value from faster work
  • Safety and quality control – include supplementary requirements for:
    • Uncompromising quality
    • Tooling control
    • Traceability program
    • Control of monitoring and measurement devices
    • Control of changes to Service processes
    • Flow-down of quality requirements
    • Control of Service Escalation processes

Our Telecom Services and Products Surpass the Competition.

Regularly maintained and updated machinery, fully skilled and trained work force, 5-S, Kaizen, and continual Improvement, committed supervisors and Quality conscious management team turn out high quality Services at competitive price.

Focus on Quality

An Enterprise-Wide Commitment to Quality in Telecom & Infra Services.

We train all our personnel continuously so that they can respond to and ensure stringent service quality specifications.

We first kick start a project by firmly establishing a customer’s needs.

Next, the fundamentals for service compliance are secured through our Advanced Quality planning process.

Then, using our comprehensive Q.C. Methods and Quality Control Process, including ISO 9001:2001 and Kaizen, we scrutinize the quality through the start of service to final completion of process.

  • Fully trained and qualified QA technicians and roving inspectors
  • Individual Quality Control Plans
  • First-off, in-process and final inspections
  • Documented programs for  Q.A. Processes
  • Quality embraced by all employees from management to field operatives