Activities at Repair Center

Here at Unicel we undertake repairing of many telecom Passive Equipments and systems such as

  • SMPS rectifiers-Eltek,Eaton,Emerson,Vellere,Lineage, Gold power,Delta make etc.
  • SMPS System-All above types
  • Generator Control Units
  • Battery Charger
  • PIU
  • Fire Alarm Panel
  • Alarm Multiplixers
  • Power Boosters
  • Many other types of Power electronics equipment.



Manpower at Repair Center

  • We have well trained and highly skilled manpower with industry experience.
  • Our team has very good experience in repairing work and all persons are from electronics industry having good exposure to SMD components as well as leaded power components.
  • Our team at Unicel also performs Card level repairing to increase the success rate of repairing.


Environment at Repair Center

  • Our team is equipped with good quality of tools and Equipment to perform the task for good quality and reliability.
  • At Unicel, we take all precautions of ESD voltages and all work done on antistatic mat with ESD safe wrist straps.
  • We work in closed air conditioned room to avoid dust to accumulate on equipments for good quality and high standard of work environment.
  • We test the equipments after repair on DC resistive load for some time to ascertain the quality of repair.
  • We also test repaired modules on SMPS power systems to ascertain the rectifier working on actual system.