Uniwave Power Booster

This product is developed for telecom application and is very beneficial for remote sites where the voltage is quite low to the tune of 90V between line & neutral. The low voltage is continuous and also intermittent.

Uniwave is developed for such telecom sites which are operating on low voltage conditions. The system has been designed to step-up the voltage from 155 V (L-L) to 250V phase to phase so that voltage achieved at the site is in working range of installed power system. As soon as the available voltage at site is within the working range ( more than 250 Volt) of installed Power system, Power Booster will start supplying voltage directly in bypass mode.


Product Specifications :

Mechanical Dimension: (L X W X H) : 500 X 600 X 550 mm

Technical Specification:

  • LCU Capacity : 12.5 KVA
  • System Capacity : 8 KVA
  • Input Supply : 3-Ph, with Neutral 50 Hz,
  • Input best Phase Selection : RY, YB & BR any out of Three Phase
  • Input Voltage Range : 155 V to 250 V AC (Ph to Ph)
  • Output Voltage Range : 250 V to 345 V AC (Ph to Ph)
  • Input Supply within Range : Auto Bypass (more than 250V)
  • Over Load : 50 Amp. Each Phase
  • Efficiency : > 97 % (depending upon LCU)
  • Display : LCD Display
  • Indication
    • Input Phase Indication : Red, Yellow & Blue Colour
    • Output Healthy Phase : Green Colour
    • System Bypass : Green Colour
  • Safety
    • Short Circuit Protection through MCB
    • Output Low Voltage Protection

Why voltage stabilizer?

As we all know that there is no control over Input voltage source and fluctuations generated by other load connected on the same grid. Electronics equipment are quite sensitive & are not designed to sustain wide input voltage range and in case of under or over voltage following problems may be faced :

  • Permanent Damage to the equipments
  • Reduce the life of equipments by De-rating specified parameters
  • Unwanted interruption in equipment operation

Limitations of conventional voltage stabilizer?

Conventional stabilizers like Servo voltage stabilizer and Auto Voltage Regulator used In industrial, commercial and residential application have following limitations,

  • Mechanical component limitation or failure
  • Slow Correction time
  • Interrupts power path at the time of regulation (tap changing method)
  • Very slow correction speed
  • Manual Bypass
  • Low reliability
  • Low regulation

Static Voltage Stabilizer

Delta Voltage is added and subtracted at the primary of buck-boost transformer by IGBT based AC – AC converter to regulate output voltage .

The system uses IGBTs as power switches. Direct AC-AC converter circuit improve the overall system response and fast voltage correction. 20Khz PWM control operation using high end dsPIC controller to achieve correction time of 1 to 1.5 cycle. Excellent performance in voltage sensitive application. Major conventional voltage regulators are working on motor moving part or mechanical tap changing relay principle whereas Static Voltage Stabilizer works on IGBT based PWM Control technique.

What are the advantages of Static Voltage Stabilizer?

  • Compact in the size compare to conventional Stabilizer
  • Very fast correction speed of 20Khz
  • Very fast correction time of 20-30ms as compare to conventional regulator (200 – 5000ms)
  • Excellent voltage regulation of +/- 1%
  • Auto bypass
  • No moving parts so no wear and tear and high reliability No maintenance
  • Silent operation
  • Excellent load protection capabilities to ensure load life

Output Short Circuit Protection

Detects abnormally heavy currents flow from input and indicate occurrence of short circuit. Instantaneous tripping will isolate the load and at the same time turn off IGBT converter thereby provide protection against further damage.